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TBA Consultants provides timely taxation advice for all types of organisations and individuals. With the complexity and constant changes of taxation environment we do our best to ensure that our clients receive quality advice that is both tax effective and ATO compliant.

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A professional accounting team, with international experience will bring you high end expert service. We take care of everything, from book keeping, archiving, accounting, tax consulting and taking care of you accounts.

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Accounting represents the core service in our practice. We at TBA Consultants are professional accountants committed to assisting you to achieve your business and financial goals. As qualified accountants and tax agents we are here to help you grow your business and personal financial wealth.

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Need Accounting Or Tax Solutions For Your Business?

Fair Fees. 

Our seasoned accountants will deliver exceptional value, without billing you for every email or question you ask.

 No False Promises.

We’re committed to your financial health, whether or not you decide to work with us.

No Risk.

Enjoy a 30-min. consultation with absolutely no strings attached.

100% Free to see if we are the right accounting firm for you.



Business Advisory & Development

Take your business to the next level in 2019!

Our Business Advisory and Development Services are focused on improving business performance and ultimately increasing the value of your business.

Tax Compliance

You can focus on running your business and we will take care of the tax compliance for you and your business. With constant changes of the tax system, this has a significant impact on small & medium businesses

Business Accounting & Bookeeping

Focus On Your Business

We provide a full range of Accounting Services to assist you in gaining an accurate picture of your business, to provide the basis for future planning and meeting your compliance obligations.

Company Secretarial Services

Leave it up to Us

With ever-changing legislation and extensive forms to complete, keeping your company secretarial requirements up to date and compliant can be time consuming, These documents are often time sensitive, so why not leave it to us to assist you leaving you focus on what you do best in business.

Digital Accounting Services

Riding the wave of cloud based accounting

Why not make your business life easier and let us setup your bookkeeping software. Whether it’s cloud software or software setup on your computer, investing in the correct software setup at the start will definitely minimise the time spent later fixing problems and errors.

Tax Planning

Bringing You Top Value

Proactive tax planning enables you to take advantage of tax strategies and concessions available. Through this, we also ensure you know your tax position well in advance of when it is due.

The professionalism and response time left me speechless. Finally I am able to focus on what matters, my work.

Jack Hanover
Josock ltd CEO

They picked up and organised us, to the level that astounded me. Today we are experiencing a 24% growth and world wide coverage.

Michell Russo
FieldCom Company CEO

They picked up and organised us, to the level that astounded me. Today we are experiencing a 24% growth and world wide coverage.

Henry Hurz
GoldenPacks CEO